Fruit preparation for yogurt, ice cream, baking and beverages


  • For dairy products: with a piece from 1 to 25 mm or based on fruit and vegetable puree and their combinations with cultivated and wild berries, stone fruits and fruit with seeds , citrus, tropical and exotic fruits. FP with chocolate, caramel, coffee, nuts, vanilla. Fillers with inclusions, cereals, seeds, spices, herbs, plant and flower extracts, chocolate crumbs, chocolate balls, biscuit pieces, dried fruits, jelly pieces, nut and surf pieces, sublimated fruits and enriched with omega fats. Purpose: viscous, drinkable, two-layer, two-chamber yogurts; baby dairy products; strips; cheese desserts; yogurt and milk whey drinks.
  • Salty fillers with vegetables, herbs, spices.
  • For ice cream: with pieces of fruit , fruit in syrup, based on fruit puree and juice. Preparations with chocolate, caramel, coffee, nuts, vanilla, cookies, biscuit. Fruit preparations including nuts, biscuits, cereals, chocolate chips, crunchy chocolate balls, sublimated fruits, reconstituted fruits, jelly pieces . Purpose : ice cream; fruit ice; sorbet; frozen fruit juice.
  • For baking: heterogeneous, with a piece from 1 to 25 mm, and with whole berries, homogeneous, based on purees and concentrates, with a fruit content of up to 70%, thermostable fruit fillers for pre-baking filling, which retain their shape and color after baking at a temperature of 170-200 °C and non-thermostable fruit fillers for baking, with and without inclusions. Fillers with chocolate and caramel, fruit jelly and confectionery glaze. Purpose: All types of baking.
  • Sauces, toppings and syrups for drinks.


  • high-tech pasteurizer jointly developed by Zeta Biopharma and Waldner, equipped with a unique, patented, system of feeding heat-sensitive components, mixing and dispersing of bulk ingredients;
  • completely closed cycle, with maximum preservation of organoleptic and nutritional properties of berries and fruits;
  • automation of the production process with full control of temperature and pressure parameters;
  • line for washing and sterilization of CIP/SIP containers;
  • low-temperature warehouses for storage of raw materials with automatic temperature control;


Our main priority is to inspire and constantly delight our customers with unique developments that best meet the needs of the market.

    • Current recipe base includes over 10 thousand SKU;
    • annual launch, at least 600 new and innovative flavors according to current market trends;
    • employees of Recipe development departments have many years of experience in a similar field;
    • care for each customer’s request.
    • production of fruit preparations enriched with vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, dietary fiber at the client request.


  • Highest standards for fruit selection and processing. Our policy is the absence of defects and quality that cannot be compromised;
  • Highly professional staff of the Quality Management Department are responsible for the inspection and safety of food products;
  • FSSC, ISO, Organic, HACCP;
  • e-PACT management systems (example management, prevention, audits, continuous improvement, and training) with a focus on management of our main risks – foreign objects, microbiology, allergens;
  • full traceability from the supplier to the finished product at the customer;
  • internal audits to identify opportunities for improvement.


  • own agricultural business for growing cherries, apples, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, blueberries, with a total area of 1 thousand hectares;
  • own plant of the first transformation, with modern bone-removing, washing, wiping, sorting and refrigeration equipment. Shock and static freezing. FSSC 22000 and organic products certificates;
  • long-term contracts with farms and suppliers in Ukraine and around the world;
  • exclusive flavors;
  • highly qualified team of experts on raw material supply. Procurement offices in Germany, Poland and Ukraine;



Address: Ukraine, 21022, Vinnytsia, Aivazovsky street, 28